Anesthesia Overdose Lawyers

Orlando, Florida

Anesthesia overdose is a potentially deadly surgical error that is entirely preventable. An anesthesiologist is a medical professional dedicated solely to administering your anesthesia and monitoring you for the proper level of consciousness and signs of distress during surgery.  If the anesthesiologist fails, then there could be serious side effects.

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Causes of Anesthesia Overdose

The use of general anesthesia has become a routine practice, but it still carries considerable risk and must be performed by a highly skilled specialist. Patients under anesthesia must be very closely monitored at all times.

Errors that can lead to anesthesia overdose include:

  • Dose too large
  • Failure to monitor patient
  • Misread chart
  • Improperly labeled anesthesia
  • Communication error
  • Intoxicated operating room staff
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Adverse drug interactions

Anesthesia overdose can cause death on the operating table, but often the patient dies in the recovery room where monitoring becomes more lax.

Other Anesthesia Errors

Other anesthesia errors can be just as harmful as an overdose, including:

  • Intubation mistakes
  • Improper administration of oxygen
  • Delayed anesthesia administration
  • Too little anesthesia
  • Failure to provide patient with proper instructions for eating and drinking prior to surgery
  • Improper administration of epidural

Anesthesia Error Injuries

Anesthesia errors often involve lack of oxygen and distress during surgery. When a patient is properly monitored and the situation is quickly addressed, injury can usually be prevented.

Injuries resulting from overdose or misapplication of anesthesia include:

Anesthesia awareness

Anesthesia awareness is being conscious and often in pain during surgery but paralyzed and unable to communicate. It is the result of too little anesthesia or delayed delivery.

Anesthesia awareness can have long-term psychological consequences including:

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