Defective Medical Products

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At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter our Orlando personal injury lawyers represent people who have sustained a personal injury due to the negligence of another. When it comes to medical products, we typically trust our doctors and don’t have a tendency to ask a lot of questions in regards to what products they might be using for our treatment or surgery.

Unfortunately, many companies choose to rush out new devices to market before they have the opportunity to conduct successful clinical trials and properly evaluate their safety.

In many of these instances, complaints are sent to the FDA about specific medical products causing injury, or failing to do their job properly. When enough such complaints have been received, the FDA will look into the matter and in some cases will ask the manufacturer to withdraw the product in mention from the market, pending further studies and adequate testing.

Over the years we have have clients recover compensation for defective medical products such as: 

It’s hard to imagine a more vulnerable person than a fully anesthetized surgery patient or a young child, yet unsuspecting patients such as these are some of the injured victims of these defective medical products that have entered the market and cause harm to consumers.

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