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We all have a right to safety and security in our homes, workplace and shopping areas. Owners and managers are expected to take reasonable steps to prevent us from any threat or attack. If there is an actual or potential threat of danger, there should be steps taken to warn and protect us.

Apartment Complexes

If there are security risks in our neighborhood such as prowlers spotted in the area, or reports of rapes near the complex, it is reasonable to expect apartment owners and managers to alert residents about these threats. Can apartment managers be liable for a crime committed against a tenant? If youve been a victim of a violent crime such as rape – at your apartment complex, you may be entitled to damages for negligent security. In Orlando, Florida, contact the premises liability attorney specialists at Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter and find out what your rights are.

Consider the following safety questions to determine if your apartment managers liable because of inadequate safety measures:

  • Did the owner and manager exercise ordinary care to keep their premises safe?
  • Was the rape foreseeable because of news releases about a predator in the area?
  • What crime previously occurred at the apartment complex and in its immediately vicinity?
  • Did the apartment manager have actual knowledge of dangerous criminals at this apartment or in the immediate vicinity?
  • Did the apartment owners and managers failure to implement adequate security measures proximately cause this rape?

Responsible apartment managers are expected to take the following security measures and pro-active responses to keep their tenants safe:

  • Clearly posted signs or messages to residents about potential danger
  • Increased lighting around common grounds
  • Security patrols at night
  • New locks and reasonable key control for when new residents leave and move in
  • Thorough background checks on maintenance personnel who have access to apartments

Stores, Restaurants, Parking Lots

What kind of protection do you have when you go out to eat at night or go shopping at night? Business owners of commercial establishments are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure personal safety for their patrons. Businesses can be held accountable for known dangers that they didnt take steps to protect their customers from.

Suitable security depends on the property. For example if youre attacked on a cruise ship or in a hotel, the owners can be found liable if they didnt have security cameras or uniformed guard patrolling the premises.

Laws vary from state to state but in general businesses can be liable for negligent security that constitutes negligence when the owner is aware of a risk and doesnt take reasonable action to protect you.

In Orlando, Florida, if youve been a victim of personal injury from a crime that was caused because you werent provided adequate security, please contact the Daytona negligent security attorney specialists at Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter.