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Bicyclists are a common site in Florida due to our warm temperatures, scenic views, and coastal bicycle routes; however, when cyclists take to the open road, there is always a chance of being involved in a collision with a car. Car versus bike accidents happen more often than you may think. Many people see cyclists more of an annoyance than another motorist, but it is important that car drivers and cyclists respect each other and obey the rules of the road to avoid accidents that result in serious personal injury or death. The auto accident attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter also handle cases involving cyclists who have collided with cars.

Bicycle accidents often result in serious injury because cyclists have very little protecting them from the hard surface of the road or the unforgiving metal protecting drivers of passenger vehicles. We have represented bike accident victims who suffered:

Common Causes of Bike vs Car Accidents

Some of the most common causes of bike vs car accidents include:

Dangerous passing: If a driver does not give a cyclist enough space while passing, the cyclist can be forced off the road or can be struck with the car or car’s sideview mirror.

Dangerous turning: A bicyclist who has right-of-way should be given ample room and time to turn at intersections.

Disregard of bike paths: If a driver fails to respect a bike path, dangerous collisions can occur.

Opening of car doors in streets: Often times, a person who has just parked his vehicle will just swing the car door open without looking first. The car door can hit a cyclist and knock him/her off the bike. This can result in any number of serious injuries. Drivers should check for cyclists before opening the car door on roadways.

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