Nursing Home Abuse

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Protecting a Loved One at a Nursing Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

As we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to acknowledge some of the added risk posed to the 4 million Americans currently living in nursing homes. Elderly individuals already face an increased risk of suffering a severe case of COVID-19, and lack of isolation afforded by nursing homes creates a situation that allows the virus to spread more easily.

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What Causes Nursing Home Abuse?

The elderly generation is the most vulnerable part of our society. Caring for your parents, grandparents, or any aging loved one is a large responsibility, which is why many families choose to hire an at-home caregiver or move their family member into a nursing home facility. Elderly men and women often have failing health and require regular care to make sure medications are taken as prescribed and that their general needs are being met—nutrition, hydration, and personal hygiene.

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Do I Have a Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Nursing home abuse and neglect are rampant across the nation. You trust the nursing home staff or caregiver in charge of your loved one to provide an appropriate standard of care and sanitary conditions. Unfortunately, this may not be the case, which is why you need to visit often and watch for signs of physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. Take the quiz below to see if you have a nursing home abuse and neglect case, and contact our Orlando attorneys. 

Spotting Signs of Nursing Home Abuse this Holiday Season

Elderly family members enjoy Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are often filled with fun and laughter that involves the entire family. Some of your aging family members may be in assisted living centers or have at-home caregivers. You depend on the medical professionals in charge of your loved one’s care to treat them with the love and respect you do.


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