AAA Says Auto Acccidents A Public Health Threat

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A new study by the American Automobile Association ranks Orlando 15th in the amount of money lost through traffic accidents. Nationally, the cost to society is $164 Billion in property damage, lost earnings, medical expenses, police and rescue costs, etc. According to this study, the cost to the tri-county area of Orange-Osceola-Seminole is $2.8 Billion.


According to this study by Cambridge Systematics, the cost of motor vehicle accidents nationwide is over $ 1,000 per person annually. These costs include expenses associated with medical, emergency, law enforcement services, as well as costs of property damage, lost productivity, and loss of quality of life. According to AAA’s President, despite the fact that 43,000 people are killed each year in automobile accidents, it barely registers “a blip” in the minds of most Americans. He says it is time to recognize motor vehicle crashes as a genuine public health threat. “If there were two jumbo jets crashing each week, the government would ground all planes until we fixed the problem. Yet, we’ve come to accept this sort of death toll with car crashes,” said President Darbelnet.

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