Air Bag Injuries

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According to the Insurance Information Institute air bags can be dangerous and care should be taken to avoid air bag injuries in automobile accidents. Deploying air bags can cause serious injuries or death when small children or small adults sit unbelted. This is also especially true of pregant or small elderly drivers, who sit too close to the steering wheel in order to reach the pedals, and infants in rear facing seats. Defective airbags or poorly designed airbag systems can deploy without warning or at the wrong time or circumstance, causing serious injuries or death.

While the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration touts airbags for saving thousands of lives each year, by preventing deaths of drivers and passenger by 30% and 27% respectively, airbags can also be deadly. Until the automotive industry takes the action necessary to design better airbags, a little knowledge can help prevent air bag injuries.

  1. Small children should be placed in the back seat and should wear their safetly belts.

  2. Small adults should move their seat backward so that their breastbone is at least 10 inches from the airbag cover.