Aircraft Crash Investigations Slow And Deliberate

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Aircraft accident investigations, like the one the National Transportation Safety Board is conducting on the crash of the Cessna 310 in Sanford two days ago are slow and deliberate processes. These investigations document and record extremely detailed information regarding the airplane accident at issue, including intricate inspection of the plane’s engines, wings, landing gear, instruments and virtually every other part of the aircraft not destroyed in a plane crash.

For example, in the Sanford, Florida airplane crash the NTSB says the investigation is just beginning, and while they may be able to release a preliminary report within weeks, the complete and detailed report might take as much as a year. Often, the full detailed report, including all engineering and other professional analyses is required in order to fully and completely determine who was responsible for an airplane accident and what their legal duties and obligations were and are. Experienced aviation attorneys representing any of those involved in such an aircraft accident must follow such investigations closely and assure that any potential areas of investigation that may bear on their clients’ legal rights are not overlooked and that the evidence is preserved, if necessary, until privately retained engineers and consultants can perform independent analyses.