Auto Insurers Play Hardball

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According to an investigative report by CNN, auto insurers play hardball in defending minor automobile accident claims, regardless of the severity of the injuries claimed and even if the accident was clearly the fault of their policyholder.

CNN reviewed more than 6,000 documents and court records and interviewed former insurance company employees and accident victims to find that the message from auto insurers is crystal clear in so-called MIST (minor impact soft tissue injury) cases. If you challenge them, you will be left with no option but to go to court and they will drag you through the wringer. In an affidavit in a New Mexico lawsuit, one of the insurance companies’ former employees testified that the strategy is to drive lawyers out of these cases by making the process so time-consuming and so expensive, that lawyers will start choosing to turn such clients away.

While the insurance companies are engaged in an orchestrated effort to make it appear to the public that the victims are trying to defraud insurers, CNN says it is profit, not fraud, that motivates insurers to play hardball on these cases. According to former Allstate and State Farm employee Jim Mathis, “The profits are good, and as long as the community, the public, allows this to occur, the insurance companies will get richer and people…will not get a fair and reasonable settlement.”

Trials are risky business and many many completely legitimate MIST claims are lost at trial as a result of these hardball tactics. Make sure your attorney has experience taking cases to trial and a reputation that the insurance companies must consider when evaluating your claim.