Before Surgery, Check You Surgeons Reputation and Record

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Investigation done during a legal dispute involving a Miami heart surgeon yielded some disturbing results recently. Apparently, Dr. Alex Zahkaria has been suspended from Cedars Medical Center while the hospital investigates 24 of his cases, many of which included patient deaths. In addition, documents reveal that he suffers from memory lapses that have been worsening, and he has been charged with criminal perjury and fraud for allegedly exaggerating his experience as a surgeon. Doctors’ personal and professional problems are often well-guarded secrets in the healthcare industry, so to some extent, patients will always be in the dark. But there are some things patients can do to try to protect themselves from the few bad apples that give the medical profession a black eye so often.

For one thing, patients can “google” their physicians on internet search engines, searching for anything negative. Many courts are also now “online” and patients can check court dockets for past or current lawsuits, of any kind, filed against not only physicians, but any individuals or companies. The State of Florida, Department of Health also has websites where patients can check their doctor’s profile. The State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation allows patients to check a doctor’s history of past paid claims. Other websites like Healthgrades also contain comparisons and reports on doctors. Needless to say, some of the best information can be obtained from neighbors, friends, and family members who have had experience with the same type of surgery or treatment.


Check out your doctor, his record of success, and his reputation among his peers and previous patients. Don’t assume that just because a doctor or surgeon holds a license to practice law, that he/she is competent, caring, and good at his trade. Sometimes, they are not.