Big Rig Accidents Require Experienced Lawyer

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Federal and state laws and regulations that apply to big rigs that travel across state lines and inside the State of Florida complicate insurance and injury claims against the owners and operators of tractor trailers.  Lawyers experienced  in litigating large truck claims are a must for anyone injured in a truck accident.

Large trucks account for more of their fair share of highway deaths because of the large number of big rigs on the road and the amount of time truck drivers are on the road.  Tractor trailers and other large trucks have higher fatal crash rates per mile traveled than passenger cars, largely because these trucks weigh 20-30 times the weight of passenger cars and have greater ground clearance, leading to vulnerability of operators of passenger cars.  Loaded trucks also require greater distance to stop.

If a loved one is injured or killed in an truck accident, you deserve an experienced attorney.  Call CGWC for a free consultation.