Blow The Whistle On Government Fraud!

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According to world renown auditing firm Price Waterhouse, the most effective means of exposing corporate fraud is through insiders who blow the whistle.  Whistleblowers who bring lawsuits to stop fraud are far more successful in recouping wrongfully taken taxpayer money than law enforcement or regulatory authorities.  You might think that whistleblowers would be pariahs, shunned for “squealing” on their employers, but that is not true.  In fact, the public views whistleblowers favorably, and for good reason.  Millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer money is essentially stolen by corporate fraud every year.  Health care providers and private hospital corporations bill for services, products or diagnostic testing not provided or for services, products or diagnostic testing that are more expensive than those actually provided.  The tax paying public supports whistleblowers, and so does the government and the civil justice system.  The U.S. Government and each state has laws protecting whistleblowers from retaliation and compensating whistleblowers by paying them significant portions of the taxpayer money recovered with their information.  Some of these whistleblower lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries of taxpayer money and multi-million dollar rewards for whistleblowers who brought the fraud to the government’s attention with the help of their private whistleblower attorneys.

We have investigated many whistleblower claims and is experienced in navigating the complex maze of false claims laws in the best interests of the whistleblower.  Don’t go it alone.  You may lose valuable rewards for your good deed.  Call us for a free legal consultation about your rights as a whistleblower if you are aware of corporate fraud on the U.S. Government or state government.