Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries create serious risks for its victims and can be some of the most painful and feared forms of injury. Burn injuries can result from a variety of accidents, including fires, faulty products such as hot water heaters or electrical devices, flammable products, products with inadequate flame retardation qualities, motor vehicle accidents, and aircraft accidents.


First degree burns are the least severe and typically only involve the epidermis or first layer of skin tissue. Second degree burns involve the dermis or second layer of skin tissue, sometimes involving nerve injuries. Third degree burns involve charring of the outer and deep tissues resulting in hard leather like eschar or dead tissue and implicate destruction of nerve endings. Burns that involve damage to body tissue underneath the skin, such as muscle tissues or bone are sometimes classified at fourth degree burns. Fourth degree burns involve irretrievable skin loss. Fifth degree burns involve irretrievable muscle loss, and sixth degree burns involve charred bone.

Serious burn injuries are expensive to treat, painful for the victim, and often involve complex medical legal issues for the victim and the victim’s family. An attorney experienced in litigation of burn injuries can help families survive the complicated legal and emotional challenges ahead of them.