Burn Injuries Often Preventable

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For many, burn injuries are the most feared and unimaginable. For the few victims of severe burn injuries, that worst nightmare comes alive and months, even years, of painful and expensive treatments, like skin graft surgeries, becomes their only remedy. Sadly, many burn injuries are preventable.

For example, recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 162,000 Chenille Robes which proved so flammable that six people were killed when the robes caught on fire. Five were women and the robes caught on fire while they were cooking. Three of the women were in their 80’s. The robes were originally sold by Blair Stores of Pennsylvania.

Products like clothing, bedspreads, and pajamas should often be designed with flame retardant qualities. Poor design can cause severe injuries and death, and the manufacturers and sellers of defective products can be held liable to the injured victims under product liability laws.

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