Business Groups Study Shows Tort Reform Laws Dont Work

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The pro-business think tank, Pacific Research Institute, recently released a report ranking the legal climates of all 50 states. According to an article in Insurance Journal, the study is intended for use by governors and state legislators in assessing their tort laws and their state’s business climate. The study ranks states as saints, sinners, sucker, or salveables based on their supposed tort costs and litigation risks.
In fact, this study proves that tort reform laws are a scam on consumers that don’t make for better business climates and only harm consumers. American Association of Justice President, Jon Haber, says the rankings in the report show no correlation between tort reform and litigation costs. For example, the PRI study ranks Colorado as first in tort reform laws, but it is ranked eight in litigation costs. New Mexico is ranked 44th in tort reform laws but is sixth lowest in litigation costs. According to Jon Haber, tort reform laws are simply schemes by lobbyists funded by powerful insurance and big business interests to stack the deck against everyday Americans and avoid accountability in courtrooms, the only place where the playing field of justice is level.


When a legislator in your state touts a new tort reform idea, you can bet that only YOUR legal rights are restricted and that insurance companies and big business profit from it. Legislators who get their contributions from the big business lobby never seek to cap damages that a business can be awarded, for example. They only want to cap the damages a jury of YOUR peers can award YOU. Don’t buy into the rhetoric of the big business lobby when they cite trumped up studies like this one. They’re just trying to manipulate the public into supporting laws that allow them to escape legal responsibility. American civil justice is about personal, and corporate, responsibility. No one should be above the law. Especially at the expense of their dead or injured victims.