CGWC and AAJ Oppose 65 Million Dollar Lost Pants Lawsuit By D.C. Judge

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When we heard that an administrative law judge in Washington D.C. had misused the law to sue a drycleaner owner for $ 65 Million over a lost pair of pants, all of the attorneys at CGWC were appalled that any member of the bar, much less a member of the judiciary, could participate in such an abuse of the civil justice system. Indeed, it is this rare “bad apple” that causes the public to believe that “the whole bunch is spoiled” when it comes to civil trial attorneys like us.

The fact is that civil trial attorneys are middle class America’s keys to the courthouse. The last protector of the regular guy, the American worker, the American family. Protection for the powerless against the powerful. The average American’s David versus Goliath in courtrooms all over the United States of America. At The Florida Firm we are proud of our role in society and the civil justice system, and we take our profession seriously and do not abuse it.

We are proud to announce that we are all members of the American Association for Justice, formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. The CEO of the AAJ recently wrote a letter to the District of Columbia Bar Association calling for a disciplinary investigation of the administrative law judge who sued the drycleaner for losing his pants. Jon Haber, the CEO of the AAJ, stated, “Our court system has no place for those who abuse the instruments of justice for personal gain or the intimidation of others.” AAJ President Mike Eidson also wrote a letter stating, “As attorneys who are committed to helping Americans receive justice throughout courts, we are outraged by the very idea of a $ 65 million claim over a pair of pants. It is not only ridiculous–it is offensive to our values.” AAJ CEO Jon Haber and President Mike Eidson also donated to the drycleaners’ defense fund and have encouraged other AAJ members to do likewise by visiting to contribute.

CGWC, like the CEO and President of the AAJ, was offended and appalled at this absurd lawsuit which served no purpose and dealt a black eye to our profession and the civil justice system. We can only hope that peer pressure convinces this misguided judge to dismiss his lawsuit without further ado. Civil trial lawyers are supposed to slay Goliaths, like David slew the Philistine. Not behave like Goliaths. This judge is wrong. And he should dismiss his lawsuit or be disciplined.