CGWC Attorney On Bankruptcy Potential In Fungal Meningitis Cases

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CGWC partner, Melvin B. Wright, was interviewed by journalist and reporter, Jeff Deal of WFTV today regarding rumors of the possibility that bankruptcy might be used by NECC to hi-jack justice from innocent victims of the compounding pharmacy’s abhorrent unsanitary conditions. NECC is New England Compounding Center, the company that employed such reckless and unsafe practices at its Massachusetts pharmacy that inspectors found fungus visible in vials of steroid serum following an outbreak of fungal meningitis nationwide that had been linked to three lots of its steroids used for pain management. Indeed, there is now suspicion that the unsanitary conditions at the center may have contaminated other products, yet undiscovered.

Mr. Wright assured victims that all is not lost if NECC does elect to file bankruptcy, so long as attorneys have planned ahead, like CGWC, to do battle in bankruptcy court anywhere in the nation. Racing to the courthouse accomplishes nothing, and in fact, could be counterproductive since many factors should be considered in determining when and where to file suit. Identifying all the possible companies accountable for the contamination, such as parent and subsidiary companies, component suppliers, insurers, and license and managing owners takes time. Deciding whether to file suit in the victim’s own state, or in Massachusetts, in state court, or in federal court, are all decisions that should be made only after careful consideration and strategic planning. A rush to judgment on any of these factors could be the death nail on a victims chances at justice in this highly complex hodgepodge of legal disputes.

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