Child Car Seats Recalled

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Evenflo has recalled a million child car seats after tests by the company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed the base could become detached in high impact side collisions. Several Discovery Infant Car Seat models are affected by the recall which was a voluntary one. If your family owns one of the affected seats you should immediately contact Evenflo for information on returning the model or obtaining a tether device to make it safe.


Evenflo is to be commended for this voluntary recall, but many product manufacturers are not so responsible and place unreasonably dangerous and defective products on the market recklessly. These products cause untold harm, including serious injuries and death to the unsuspecting public.

The public has a right to expect products on the U.S. market to be safe for intended uses. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in an accident that may have involved an unsafe consumer product or an unsafe industrial product, contact the experienced product liability attorneys at CGWC for a free consultation about your legal rights.