Choose The Right Insurance Coverage Carefully

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We’ve all been there. You are pestered for months by an insurance salesman for an appointment. Then, in a rushed meeting, knowing you need the insurance, you sign the last one or two pages of a lengthy application for the policy, after a half hour of mostly friendly banter, checkered with questions about your health or the number of cars you drive or the number of drivers in your household. The salesman completes the application during this seemingly social chat session, and you sign the last page without carefully reading over the whole document and the answers the salesman checked on the preprinted form. Then you bid the insurance salesman a friendly farewell and assume you’ve got the “full coverage” you needed.


A few months later, the worst happens. An auto accident that’s not your fault. It turns out the other driver is uninsured. Medical bills are going into collection and you’re out of work with no end in sight. You finally meet with a lawyer for help. And you learn, you don’t have the right insurance to cover your accident – – uninsured motorist coverage — which pays you when the other driver has no insurance. Or, you die unexpectedly, having thought that you had protected your family with life insurance. Your wife files a claim, and the insurance company investigates the application the salesman filled out and learns a question was answered incorrectly about your health history. The life insurance company denies your claim and returns to your wife only the premiums you paid. And you’re not alive to tell anyone that you didn’t fill out the application, the agent did.

Bottom line? Applying for insurance is serious business, perhaps one of the most serious meetings you’ll ever have. And the insurance agent or broker is first and foremost a salesman, who wants your signature on the dotted line as fast as he can get it, so he can move on to the next prospect. READ YOUR APPLICATION CAREFULLY before signing ANY application for automobile insurance or life insurance. Insist that any errors, mis-statements or false statements be corrected. And make sure you haven’t signed anything rejecting important coverage, like uninsured motorist coverage.

If your insurance company has denied a claim, you need an experienced insurance attorney to help you navigate the legal system to get the benefits you paid for. Call CGWC for a free consultation.