Choosing The Right Lawyer

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Most people are not experienced in dealing with attorneys, and the prospect can seem intimidating and daunting. Like any other new experience, having to hire an attorney can be uneasy. It’s best to do your research and homework until you have that comfortable feeling in your gut that you’ve done the right thing.
First, look for the right type of lawyer. The practice of law has evolved over the years, much like the practice of medicine. There are general practice lawyers, and lawyers who focus their practice on specialized areas of law. Choose a lawyer who specializes in your legal problem, if possible. Second, ask friends, family, and others you trust what attorneys they have used and whether they did a good job. There are many online resources available through the internet, such as lawyer and law firm directory services. But make sure you know what you’re reading on internet sites. What may at first appear to be a nonprofit informational website or a public service website may actually be an advertisement for a specific law firm, a paid advertisement, or a sponsored link which is a paid advertisement. These internet ads are no different than television, billboard or print advertisements. Don’t mistake those advertisements for anything else.


When looking for an attorney for a personal injury or wrongful death, make sure your attorney has a track record of success at trial. Many attorneys who advertise on television or in print media for certain types of cases, do not really perform the work. Instead, they have other attorneys handle the work for them, for a portion of their fee. Sometimes, they refer the cases out to other completely unrelated law firms.

When you talk to your lawyer and his staff, make sure the attorney has experience with your type of legal issue. Contact the Florida Bar and make sure he is in good standing. And check his record for disciplinary actions. Just typing in your attorney’s full name into the search bar of your favorite internet search engine will reveal some useful information. Ask your attorney for written information on his qualifications, experience, and track record. If an attorney is reluctant to provide this information, think twice.

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