Deadly Pedestrian Accidents Are Avoidable

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According to a study by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, 61,000 pedestrians were injured in 2006. In the same year, almost 5,000 pedestrians were killed. Pedestrians account for about 11 percent of all traffic deaths each year.Many of these accidents are avoidable. For example, running red lights is a huge problem in Central Florida. About half of the deaths from red light running are pedestrians. Speeding is also a major contributing factor, accounting as a factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes in 2003, for example, according to NHTSA statistics. Speeding is especially serious when a pedestrian is involved, increasing not only the likelihood of hitting a pedestrian, but also the likelihood of death. Needless to say, alcohol is often a contributing factor to such accidents, particularly at night, when most pedestrian accidents occur.


For victims of such accidents, it is important that an attorney be retained promptly to conduct an independent investigation while evidence, such as skid marks and other evidence at the site of an accident, are still fresh. If you or a loved one has been injured, or worse, if a loved one or friend has been the victim of a fatal pedestrian accident or automobile accident, call CGWC, The Florida Firm, for a free consultation.