Distracted Drivers Are As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers

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Extensive research by the National Highway Traffice Safety Administration shows that the use of cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous and needlessly endangers others. Drivers who are using cell phones are four times more likely to cause an accident as undistracted drivers, and the risk of a cell phone user causing an auto accident is the same as that of a driver under the influence alcohol at a .08 percent blood alcohol level.

A study at Harvard University estimates that drivers distracted by cell phones cause 2,600 auto accident deaths annually and 330,00 serious injuries each year. Despite all this, no states have banned cell phone use while driving, although some require hands free devices, which studies show doesn’t improve the risks very much.

Distractions of any kind needlessly endanger others. So when you’re driving, remember that it’s not the time or place for multi-tasking. A moment of carelessness can lead to a lifetime of misery from injuries.

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