Do You Suspect Medicare Fraud?

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Medicare fraud occurs when Medicare is billed for medical services or supplies that patients did not receive. If a health care provider sends an invoice for services not provided, or an equipment provider invoices for equipment not provided as described, Medicare fraud may have occurred.  If a health care company bills for services improperly to enhance the amount of Medicare payments they receive for medical care that is provided, Medicare fraud may have occurred.  If you are a billing department employee or health care provider and suspect your employer of such fraudulent billing, you have a moral obligation and duty to do something about it. But you may also be entitled to a “reward” in effect for doing your duty. The False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to be compensated by being paid a percentage or the amount the government recovers when the information provided leads to discovery and prosecution of Medicare fraud.  CGWC represents whistleblowers in such cases.

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