Dont Let Medical Bills Bankrupt Your Family

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According to a Harvard study in 2007, over 60% of all bankruptcies were health related. And it’s not just the uninsured who face problems when a family member suffers from a severe injury or illness with mounting medical bills. According to the study, 75% of those who filed for bankruptcy due to health related financial problems had health insurance when the problems started.

Why? Because just having health insurance doesn’t protect your family. Health insurance doesn’t pay all the medical expenses, like deductibles and particular types of needed therapy or other medical care. Health insurance also doesn’t cover lost wages and lost income from being out of work due to an illness. You may even lose your health insurance if you can’t keep up with the premiums.

So even if you have health insurance when you’re injured, you can’t sit back, relax and expect health insurance to solve all your problems. Plan ahead and buy a good private disability policy, over and above any group disabilty coverage provided by your employer, because group disability coverage is usually very restricted. And hire an attorney early to pursue all your legal remedies to protect your family, including prosecuting claims for personal injury. You may need all the compensation you’re legally entitled to recover to avoid financial ruin.