Dont Text And Drive

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

Last week the Governor of Washington signed the first law making it illegal to “drive while texting” on a telephone, PDA, Blackberry or similar device. The Governor likened it to driving while reading a newspaper. Florida does not yet have a similar law, but certain television equipment and headphones are prohibited while driving on Florida roads.

Indeed, distracted drivers account for a high percentage of accidents on American roadways. Work and family pressures cause all of us to “multi-task” in order to meet all our business and personal obligations. Whether or not a law is on the books prohibiting texting while driving, each of us has an obligation to use reasonable care while driving our cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles on urban streets and rural highways. Before you pick up your cellphone, your Blackberry, or your PDA, when behind the wheel, always ask yourself, “Can’t this wait until I’m safely stopped?” Don’t text and drive!