Electrocution Injuries Devastate Victims

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The number of workers electrocuted on the job in America rises every year. Many electrocution injuries are fatal, and the others result in severe burn injuries that leave the workers totally or partially disabled and scarred for life. Contact with overhead power lines is a common mechanism of injury, accounting for about two fifths of all fatal electrocution injuries.
Electrocution injuries often enter through the hands, many times entering through one hand arm and exiting through the other. In addition to severe burns, damage to other organs, such as the heart, during this type of electrocution injury can occur.

The attorneys at CGWC are experienced in handling electrocution and burn injuries, having handled such injury claims caused by defective manlift devices, having inadequate insulation or other protection from electrocution, defective electrical appliances, and negligence of employers who failed to take adequate precautions, such as grounding equipment and de-energizing power lines, during work expected to bring workers in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other power sources.