Fire Losses Often Disputed By Insurers

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Literally hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed by fire in the last several weeks in Central Florida. One hundred sixty (160) were damaged or destroyed in Palm Bay alone in Brevard County. Total losses there were estimated at over 9.5 million dollars.

While you would think that it would be simple for your insurance company to come to the decision to pay you for your home if it burned to the ground, it is often just another opportunity for them to dispute the amount of your claim. Knowing that fire victims are desperate and scared, insurance claims adjusters and appraisers get set to do their job: save the insurance companies money. If you don’t like what your homeowners’ insurance company is telling you about your fire loss claim, call CGWC for a free consultation. Homeowners and fire insurance claims can often be handled on a contingent fee basis. In addition, the law often holds the insurance company responsible for your attorneys’ fees.