Florida Highway Patrol Faces Shortage of Troopers

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

Frustrated by low wages and a shortage of troopers to bear the work load, many troopers are leaving their jobs with the Florida Highway Patrol for higher paying and less demanding jobs with other law enforcement agencies.


Many now wonder if the shortage of FHP officers is not a public safety concern. In fact, on the day of the tragic I-4 pile-up that involved about 75 vehicles and caused five deaths, only two troopers were on duty to patrol Polk County which is about the size of the entire state of Delaware.

According to the FHP’s new director, the weather wasn’t the only cause of the I-4 pile-up. Speeding motorists caused the accident. We all know what it’s like to be on any interstate highway in Florida while trying to drive within the speed limit. You feel as if you’ll be run over by automobiles, SUV’s and tractor trailers passing you as if you are sitting still. People speed in large part because of the lack of a physical presence of law enforcement. This must be corrected.

The fewer troopers there are to enforce the law, the more people will die in avoidable accidents as a result of reckless speeders. There are almost 200 vacancies with the FHP right now statewide. Unless wages are increased, it may get worse. Do your part. Don’t speed just because there’s no one to stop you and give you a citation.