Florida Leads Nation In Staged Accidents: Still Most Claims Are Honest

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A recent report says Florida leads nation in staged accidents.


These kinds of fraudulent claims are intolerable. Fake accidents and insurance frauds lead the public to be suspicious of any person making an insurance claim for injury or property damage. That’s not fair, but it’s a fact. Good and honest people get badly injured in Central Florida every day. They don’t deserve to be seen as frauds because some repeat criminals choose to try to game the system and stage accidents or fake insurance claims. If you see fraud, report it to the Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance which regulates insurance in Florida or to the Florida Attorney General.

If you serve as a juror on a case in which a person is suing for injuries, don’t assume the worst. This recent report said there were about 3,000 suspected fraudulent claims. There are typically over a quarter million automobile accidents each year in Florida. The great majority of people who bring lawsuits for personal injuries are not there by choice. The were forced to sue by an insurance company that wouldn’t offer a fair settlement.

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