Florida Today Says Lawsuits Dont Cause Costly Health Care

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An article in Florida Today recently said that lawsuits should not be blamed for the high cost of health care. Republicans and the American Medical Association are pushing for limits on lawsuits to be a part of any health care reform. After analyzing five years of data, Florida Today concluded that medical malpractice lawsuits did not cause physicians to practice defensive medicine as claimed.

First, Florida Today concluded that soaring health care costs have negated any pay increases for average Americans since the 1990’s. Meanwhile, Florida enacted caps on damages as well as attorneys’ fees in medical negligence cases, while also making cases more expensive for attorneys to prosecute. In addition, the number of medical malpractice lawsuits have decreased by 8% since 2005 and the statistics are that Florida’s malpractice insurers are the most profitable in the nation. Finally, the average doctor’s malpractice premiums have decreased by 8% in the past three years.

Florida Today noted that malpractice victims already have to get other doctors to swear that there is a case of malpractice and then wait three months for the malpractice insurance company to decide whether to fight the case or settle, and that there are other restrictions on cases that stack the system against patients. So, Florida Today asks, why make it even harder for patients to sue? It’s not bringing down the cost of health care.