Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers Advise Consumers To Return Deadly Products

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled yet another deadly dangerous product made in China. This time, it’s a baby crib. The Simplicity brand Drop Side baby crib has been recalled due to serious entrapment and suffocation hazards to infants and toddlers.


Because of sizing problems with the crib’s hardware, the drop side can come off its track, creating a hazardous gap that can entrap and suffocate a sleeping infant or toddler. The recalled model numbers include: 8620, 8745, 8748, 8755, 8756, 8778, 8810, and 8994. The recalled cribs have a date code found on the label of the headboard under the mattress support, which ends in 05DH, 05GB, 06GB, 07DH or 07GB. The recalled model names includ Apen and Crib ‘N Changer Combo, Gabrielle, Camille, Providence and Shenandoah.

Dangerous scuba diving equipment has also been recently recalled. The Apeks Second Stage Scuba Regulators were recalled due to a drowning hazard. The regulators can be missing their diaphragm cover, resulting in a drowning hazard if the diaphragm is displaced during a dive.

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