Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers Warn Of Recalled Tire Valve

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The Florida wrongful death attorneys at CGWC are warning their clients and friends of a recently recalled tire valve that can cause high speed blow-outs and serious personal injuries or death. A Florida man’s death, as well as a recall of the faulty tire stems which were made in China, suggest that it would be wise to check your tire valve stems to see if they are from the lot of defective products.


These defective valve stems can crack prematurely, or under pressure, causing serious automobile accidents according to Safety Research and Strategies, a safety consulting company in Mississippi. Tech International, a U.S. distributor of the Chinese made tire valve stems, issued a recall of 6 million of them after a rollover death in Orlando. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has also investigated these defective products. Dill Air Control Products sold and distributed the valve stems which were manufactured for Dill in China.

The valve stems include the TR-413, TR-413 chrome, TR-414 and TR-418 models, which were manufactured between August 2006 and November 2006. The stem is a rubber tube with a metal valve for inflating the tire. Cracks in the tire valve stems can lead to quick air loss which, at highway speeds, can result in blow-outs and serious automobile accidents.

It will be difficult, however, for consumers to determine if there car or truck has any of the defective tire valve stems Once installed, the identifying product information can only be found by dismountng the tire from the wheel and inspecting it from within. But the product liability attorneys at CGWC say it’s worth it, if you bought new tires or a new car or truck since 2006.

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