Head On Collisions Most Often Fatal

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Head on collisions are the car crashes that are most likely to result in highway fatalities. Head on collisions often result when a car leaves the roadway, over corrects, and crosses over a centerline or median. Head on collisions also occur when drivers mistakenly go the wrong way on multi-lane freeways, toll roads, or interstate highways. Essentially, these are all “roadway departure” accidents.


According to the Federal Highway Administration, such accidents account for many traffic accident deaths every year. In 2001, there were over 23,000 roadway departure deaths accounting for 55% of all roadway fatalities. There were almost 750,o00 injuries from such accidents. There were 267 freeway deaths from “crossover” head on collisions in 2001. The FHA says that there are an average of 250 people killed each year in freeway head-on collisions and about one death for every 200 freeway miles. Median crossover crashes are also 3 times more severe than other highway accidents.

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