Hospital Infections: The Secret Epidemic

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More people die each year from infections they acquired during hospital visits than die in automobile accidents and homicides combined. Almost 100,000 people die annually as a result of hospital acquired infections. Such infections are a leading cause of death in America but patients and their families have no way of knowing their hospital’s rate of infection in most cases. The public doesn’t have this information because hospital infection records are a kept secret in most of the country. Hospital infections not only cost lives. They cost money. According to the CDC hospital acquired infections cost $ 27.5 billion annually, a cost largely borne by the public and tax dollars in the form of added charges to Medicare.


While the Center for Disease Control has known about this epidemic for years, the health care industry has done little to gain control of infection rates and prevent hospital acquired infections. Only when states have passed laws requiring public disclosure of infection rates have hospitals made infection prevention a priority. So far, only nineteen states have made infection records a matter of public record. Consumers Union has embarked upon a campaign to change this. Stop Hospital Infections is a campaign directed at ending hospital secrecy and encouraging infection control and prevention in hospitals. By visiting their website, you can take action to support laws ending hospital secrecy in your state and making hospital infection control records and infection rates a matter of public record. Only if their feet are held to the fire will hospitals make infection prevention a priority. Take action now, and save lives by making hospitals safer. Visit Stop Hospital Infections and support laws that make hospitals safe from dangerous infections.


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