How To Choose The Right Lawyer

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When you or a loved one has been in an accident, you know that you are inundated by lawyers and ‘friends’ of lawyers trying to convince you that you need them. And daily, television ads, radio ads and billboards bombard you and your family with promises that the lawyers care about you. But how do you choose the lawyer and law firm that is right for you? What do you do and what do you look for?


First, don’t hire an attorney who contacts you before you’ve called the attorney. That is unethical and the attorney should be reported to the Florida Bar. Second, don’t hire an attorney because they have the most airtime, the most billboards, or a catchy jingle. Hire an attorney like you’d hire a surgeon. Check them out. Look at several attorneys and firms before you decide which ones to interview. Check their record with the Florida Bar. Answer the following questions before you even contact an attorney for an interview: Are they board certified in civil trial law? Can they provide references? How are they rated by their peers? Have they handled similar cases in the past and what were their results? When was the last time the lawyer went to trial on a similar case? Will the lawyer personally handle your case, from beginning to end? If not, what are the qualifications and experience of the lawyers who will be handling the case? If your lawyer loses, do you owe any money at all?

Look up your attorney on attorney ratings services like Martindale Hubbell or AVVO. Ask the law firm for written material on the qualifications of the attorney who will be handling your case. Read them, and satisfy yourself that your attorney is ethical, experienced, skilled, and respected by his peers and opponents. If you aren’t convinced of all four, keep looking until you are.

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