How YOU Can Prevent Hospital Errors

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According to a 2011 study in the April Issue of Health Affairs, medication errors, infections, and other hospital mistakes are far more common than previously thought. The study found that adverse events occurred in about 1/3 of all hospital admissions! Consumer Reports On Health recommends you take the following steps if you are headed for a stay in the hospital:

  1. Bring a list of all the medications and supplements you take, along with a brief health history;
  2. Keep a log of all the tests, treatments, and medical consultations you have during your stay;
  3. Double check all medications and dosages before you take them;
  4. Have one person in charge of your care coordination, whether it is a doctor, a social worker, or a case manager;
  5. Keep your doctor informed;
  6. Have a friend or relative with you at all times possible;
  7. Ask questions and speak up to a nursing supervisor if you sense that your needs aren’t being met;
  8. Be sure all visitors and staff wash their hands;
  9. Be sure you understand your discharge instructions well, including medications you’ll be taking home and any dietary or activity modifications expected of you at home.

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