Insurance Attorney A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

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Recently, a Florida appeals court reversed a jury’s verdict against an accident victim because the defendant’s lawyer, hired by the defendant’s insurance company to defend the case, misled the jury. Many people don’t know that in Florida a state statute prohibits the lawyers and judges from telling the jury that defendants have insurance to cover the claim, and if so, the amount of insurance money available to settle the claim. Insurance companies lobbied for this statute many years ago. They hope that jurors will be hoodwinked into feeling sorry for defendants who have been sued and fooled intobelieving every defendant had no insurance. Of course, defendants are rarely uninsured since attorneys cannot afford to take cases against uninsured defendants on a contingency fee basis when they can’t expect to collect on successful lawsuits.


In the recent Florida case, the defendant’s attorney actually told the jury that he was a “consumer justice attorney”. He even said he didn’t represent “some fancy company or conglomerate”. In fact, he was being paid by an insurance company. This lawyer purposefully tried to leave the jury with the impression that the defendant was uninsured and paying for his own defense, a consumer who was seeking justice. This was not the case at all. Indeed, this insurance paid lawyer was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The fact is that almost all personal injury or wrongful death cases are brought against insured defendants. Companies or people who have paid for insurance to cover exactly the kind of claim that is being brought before the jury.

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