International Fraud Awareness Week

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In recognition of International Fraud Awareness Week, November 15th – 21st, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) wants you to be aware that fraud can happen to your business and provide you with some steps on how to avoid fraud.

Fraud costs companies on average $145,000. One quarter of these fraud cases can cost a business an additional $1 million to resolve. Got your attention now?

The ACFE recommends some steps to avoid fraud happening to your business. These steps include:

  • Establish and write a fraud policy
  • Take a fraud prevention check-up to identify your business’ fraud risks
  • Use anti-fraud resources

For further information about how to prevent fraud from happening to your business, visit the ACFE website. In addition to learning more about how to avoid fraud, use education as a preventative tool. By educating yourself about fraud, how it happens, where it happens and how to prevent it, you are arming yourself with a powerful tool. Visiting the ACFE’s website will give you information on anti-fraud education that includes seminars, conferences, self-study courses as well as on-site training.

Unfortunately fraud happens and your business may have already fallen victim. If you have been subject to fraud and you live in the Orlando, Florida area, contact Colling Gilbert Wright and Carter today at (407) 712-7300 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our Florida Firm will investigate your case and help you reclaim that which was wrongfully stolen from your business.