Jury Awards $ 11 Million Against Assisted Living Facility

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An Arizona jury recently awarded $ 11 million to the widow of a resident who died there after ingesting foreign objects while apparently unsupervised. The resident had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident and had been placed in the assisted living facility that promised to provide 24 hours supervision. After the man died, an autopsy revealed that he had consumed plastic bags, ketchup packets, candy wrappers, and paper towels. The medical examiner concluded that the presence of these foreign objects in his stomach and intestines contributed to his wrongful death. The jury awarded the estate $ 2 million for the deceased, $ 5 million for the widow, and $ 4 million in punitive damages. The ALF staff had clearly falsified records indicating they were providing care to the victim when he was actually at home visiting with his wife or otherwise outside of the facility.

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