Legislature Attacks Rights of Injured Workers Again

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The Florida legislature is back in session in Tallahassee and is (once again) attempting to pass a workers compensation law that would hurt injured workers and severely limit their ability to hire a Florida workers compensation attorney to help them handle their case. House Bill 903 is a top priority of the insurance industry and “Big Business” groups such as the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Florida. This bill, if enacted into law, would mean that workers compensation attorneys representing injured workers could no longer recieve a reasonable attorneys fee, paid by the workers compensation insurance company, for winning a case against that insurance company for wrongfully denying an injured worker the benefits that that worker is entitled to under the law. Under Florida workers compensation law as it exists today, when an insurance company abides by the law and provides benefits to an injured worker as required, that insurance company does not owe the attorney for the injured worker any attorneys fees at all— it is only when the insurance company fails to do what the law requires them to do, and the injured worker has to hire an attorney to get the benefits the insurance company has failed to provide, that that insurance company ever pays an attorneys fee to an injured workers attorney. Newspaper editorial boards across Florida have expressed concern over the unfairness of House Bill 903.