Mattel Recalls 1 Million DangerousToys

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In today’s global economy, it is incumbent upon American companies to demand that their overseas business partners live up to the safety and quality standards expected by Americans who buy their products. With toys or their component parts often manufactured in places like China, American businesses are obliged to assure that their products reach the American consumer in a reasonably safe condition free of any defect. This is why the law of most states makes distributors of a products in America, including both wholesale and retail outlets, legally responsible to the ultimate consumer for any injuries or deaths caused by unreasonably dangerous and defective products. Other countries don’t afford the legal rights and remedies our great system of justice assures its citizens in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. And other countries don’t possess our tradition of expecting businesses to act ethically, morally, and with the safety of our consumer citizens paramount. So, we as Americans expect and demand that the companies who sell us products will inspect and test those products, even if they are manufactured wholly or partly overseas, and guarantee their safety. The consuming public has a right to rely on businesses to sell only products that are safe for use by the men, women and children in America who are targets of multi-million dollar marketing and advertising campaigns and who eventually pay hard earned money for those products.


Mattel has recalled almost 1 million toys because they were covered in unreasonably dangerous and toxic lead paint. Mattel says a Chinese contractor is to blame. According to Mattel spokespersons, they intercepted more than 2/3 of the toys, but about 300,000 of them may have been purchased by unsuspecting consumers. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the applicable date codes are 109-7LF to 187-7LF which should appear on the product or its packaging. Toys recalled included the Elmo Tub Sub, the Dora the Explorer Backpack, and the Giggle Gabber.

In the past year, China has been the source of many dangerous and defective products reaching the U.S. including pet food, tires, and lead paint on the Thomas & Friends toys. American businesses can force these Chinese businesses to exercise better quality control and provide safe products. They should, and to do so, American companies must adequately test, inspect, and examine all overseas products or component parts for safety and quality.