Mattel Recalls 19 Million More Toys

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Mattel is the world’s largest toy company. A couple of weeks ago, Mattel announced the recall of about a million Chinese made toys due to the use of dangerous lead paint in their manufacturing process in China. Mattel has now announced the recall of 19 million more toys due to dangerous product defects. Of those, 436, 000 are die case cars of “Sarge” from the movie, Cars. Those toys are likewise covered with lead paint. The other 18.2 million toys are being recalled due to the potential for ingestion by children of tiny powerful magnets. Accidental ingestion of these magnets can cause serious intestinal injury or death. These toys were NOT made in China but were designed defectively right here in America by Mattel. They include such popular toys at Polly Pocket figures, Doggie Day care, Batman, and Barbie.