Mattel Recalls 700,000 More Toys

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Due to toxic lead paint used by Chinese manufacturers, Mattel has announced yet another recall, this time involving approximately 700,000 additional toys. These toys include Barbie accessories, as well as some Fisher Price toys. This is the third massive recall of Mattel toys in a month, largely due to the use of toxic lead paint by Chinese suppliers. If ingested by small children, lead paint can cause brain injury, hearing loss, stunted growth, reduced IQ, delayed development, and damage to the nervous system. In Florida, product manufacturers, as well as wholesale and retail distributors are legally responsible for injuries or deaths caused by unreasonably dangerous or defective products, whether the dangerous defect is in the workmanship or the design of the product. Anyone injured by any kind of dangerous product needs a product liability attorney experienced in litigating these complex and expensive cases. Likewise, handling brain injury cases requires experienced and skilled trial attorneys.