Medical Malpractice Reform Hurts Patients

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Forbes magazine recently published an article by a California State University economics professor finding that damage caps in medical malpractice lawsuits hurts patients. The article is based in part upon a Congressional Budget Office report estimating that tort reform measures, including damage caps, would eliminate the oversight of the free marketplace, i.e. penalties of practicing bad medicine imposed by jury verdicts. Capping verdicts was suspected to reduce the efforts of the private market, i.e. hospitals, doctors offices, etc. to investigate incidents and reduce risks of substandard care. The fact is that the civil court system is the private market’s method of encouraging the practice of good medicine and discouraging the practice of bad medicine. Patients harmed by the substandard care should not have their remedies limited, and health care providers who practice bad medicine should be held accountable to pay for their mistakes.

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