Memorial Day Safety Tips

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Memorial Day is suppose to be fun, but don’t forget to be safe. Here are some safety tips to make your Memorial Day weekend a safe time to honor the fallen heroes who made our freedom and good times possible:
  1. Don’t speed.
  2. Don’t drink and drive.
  3. Don’t text and drive.
  4. Wear your seatbelt.
  5. Wear you helmet if you’re a motorcycle or bicycle enthusiast.
  6. Boaters, wear life vests, don’t drink alcohol, keep your speed to a minimum and watch out for other boaters, skiers and swimmers.
  7. Swimmers, look before you leap, know the depth of the water, swim with a buddy and make sure children are supervised.
  8. Stay hydrated in hot temperatures and wear sunscreen.
  9. Use the utmost care with grills, gas, and fireworks.
  10. No matter what you’re doing, think safety first. Then have fun.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend from CGWC.