New Florida Trucking Regulation

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A new trucking regulation in Florida requires truck drivers traveling through Florida to spend fewer hours behind the wheel. Before the change, Florida allowed driving for 15 hours after 8 hours of rest. The new rule prohibits truckers from driving more than 12 hours following 10 consecutive hours of rest.
According to the state Motor Carrier Compliance Office, the rule change is intended to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving truck drivers. According to the National Highway Trafffice Safety Administration (NHTSA), Florida had the second highest number of fatal large-vehicle traffic crashes.
While most truckers are conscientious and safe drivers, tired truckers contribute to causing severe automobile accidents all too often. Hopefully, this new rule will reduce the number of accidents caused by tired truckers. But don’t count on “bad apple” truckers to follow the new rules, anymore than they followed the old ones.
Many truck drivers are required by their employers or by federal regulations to keep logs to prove compliance with company policy or federal regulations. At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, we have experience proving that tractor-trailor accidents were caused by exhausted truck drivers who have spent too many hours on the road in violation of either company policy or federal regulations.
If you are involved in a traffic accident, the attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter are skilled at evaluating and investigating your accident, particularly when it involves long haul or short haul truckers subject to these new regulations.