New Years Eve Safety Tips

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New Year’s Eve concludes the year-end holiday season. Unfortunately, due to carelessness and intoxication, a deadly end awaits all too many revelers every New Year’s Eve. Automobile accidents are a leading cause of death any day in the U.S.A., but on New Year’s Eve, the chances of being killed in an automobile accident are higher than most times of the year. As with any other day of the year, there are ways to decrease the chances that you will be a victim.
  1. Designate a driver: Whether you arrange for a cab or limousine, or assign the task to a friend who promises not to drink, designate a sober driver BEFORE you take to the streets on New Year’s Eve.
  2. Avoid driving: If possible, arrange an evening that doesn’t require you to drive. The safest place on New Year’s Eve could be your own home, a hotel, a resort, or some other place where you can rest in bed after the party without having to drive anywhere.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings: Watch for erratic driving or other dangerous or reckless behavior by others. Pay attention and recognize dangerous situations, so you can prevent an accident or take evasive action.
  4. Look out for others: Don’t let friends drive drunk. Remind them that they could hurt someone else if they drink and drive, or act irresponsibly or unsafely.
  5. Travel in groups: Especially for women on the town alone, it is always safer to travel in groups. Groups who set out with safety first on their minds are more likely to keep each other on a safe path all evening. And for the ladies, traveling in groups decreases the chances that they will be a victim of a sexual assault.
From all of us at CGWC, have a SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!