NTSB Chairman Links Driver Fatigue To Accidents

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Driver fatigue is a common contributing factor in many automobile and truck accidents. The United States Department of Transportation studies find that about one third of all fatal accidents involve driver fatigue as a factor. NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman recently spoke to the National Sleep Foundation on driver fatigue. She acknowledged that much more research and study is require for scientists to fully understand human fatigue and how to reduce its risks in the operation of vehicles of all types, but there can be no doubt that driver fatigue has contributed to some of the worst transportation accidents in history. It is important that drivers and operators of planes, trucks, automobiles, ferries, trains and ships report to duty well rested and fit for duty. But they don’t always do that, and accidents happen. If you’re involved in an accident, call CGWC for a free consultation. One call, does it all.