One Million Baby Cribs Recalled

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Simplicity and Graco recalled 1 million baby cribs recently after two babies died in separate incidents. The Consumer Products Safety Commission says to take no chances with these cribs. Like many recently recalled toys, these baby cribs were manufactured in China. The design defect is a “drop side” rail that can pull away from the mattress, creating a gap that can trap and suffocate sleeping infants. The recalled cribs have been manufactured for almost all of the past ten years.
Since many products are manufactured overseas, it is important for consumers injured by the products to understand that the retail and wholesale sellers of these products are liable for such unreasonably dangerous products, even if they didn’t manufacture them. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerously designed or defective product, you may have a legal claim for money damages and should consult with an experienced product liability attorney. Product liability claims often involve complex engineering, as well as legal issues, requiring attorneys with the skill, knowledge, experience, and finesse to prove all necessary elements of the claim in state or federal court.