Pacifiers Recalled Choking Hazard

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The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission has announced the voluntary recall of Chinese made “flashing pacifiers” and “2 in 1 flashing pacifier with whistle necklace” distributed in the U.S. by Sailing International Corporation of Hackensack, New Jersey. The nipple of these pacifiers can detach from the base and pose a choking hazard to infants.
If you have a pacifier that looks like those in this photograph, discard and destroy it immediately. More and more, it seems products manufactured in China are unreasonably dangerous and still being placed into the stream of commerce for U.S. consumers by American distributors. In addition, sometimes the defects are in the design of the product, and the design is usually one of American, rather than Chinese, engineers. American companies who use cheap Chinese labor to manufacture products for distribution to consumers in the U.S. are legally responsible for any injuries caused by these dangerous and defective products. If you or a loved has been injured or killed by a dangerous product of any kind, whether at home, in recreational activities, or in the work place, you need an experience product liability attorney. At CGWC our attorneys are experienced in a variety of product liability cases.